Yampah Mountain High School Portfolio...

Europe Trip

          A few years ago i was invited to become a student ambassador with the foundation of People to People Student Ambassador program. I was asked to take a trip across the world to Europe. i traveled to England, France and Italy. I spent nearly a month traveling around experiencing all the ways of there culture. As people say it was an experience of a life time. When i was out there i experienced a lot of different situations from learning about there government with a government official. Visiting all the famous historical attractions. such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The London Eye and more. During my traveling i spent a week with a home stay family in france. I learned alot of intresting things about how they live there life compared to a dayto day american family.  traveling to another to the other side of the world an visiting England, France and Italy made me relize that us as Americans are lazy people and take alot for granted without even knowing it. to us its just a way of life.

Service Learning

          In January 2010 I went on a class trip to Southern California and explored a lot of different places we visited a few of the beaches and the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. During our stay in California we did some service learning in down town L.A. at two of the biggest Homeless Shelters (L.A. Rescue Mission and the Union Rescue Mission) Our service learning consisted  of helping out with the needs the homeless some of the students helped cook, clean, hang clothes and make care packages for the ones in need. The next day when we went to the other Mission we helped prepare meals for the Homeless. We had to prepare as to feed over 1000 people. We also served the meals out to all the people and ate lunch with them. People in society are quick to judge people especially the homeless. Not all homeless choose to be the way they turn out i found out a lot of them had careers but the way the economy is they lost everything. we talked to this older guy that use to be a fireman. well one day he got into a accident and could no longer work. After his accident he became homeless after a short period of time because he couldn't support his daily needs in being disabled. So see not all homeless choose to be the way they are. So think before you judge.